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Project Advantages

The performance of the equipment is leading domestically, and the main technical indicators have reached the international advanced level. It has won the provincial and national scientific and technological progress awards more than 20 times, filling many national gaps, and owns more than 20 national patents.

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Technical Strength

We have produced and sold more than 1,000 sets of our pressurized water electrolysis hydrogen generation device, more than 400 sets of hydrogen drying, purification equipment, pressure swing adsorption equipment, methanol hydrogen generation equipment, etc., with an accumulated output value of over 3 billion yuan. Our users are all over the country, and our products are exported to Europe,…

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Excellent Personnel

The institute has nearly 2,000 employees, including more than 870 scientific and technical personnel, 30 people enjoying special national government allowance, 84 research fellows, more than 390 senior engineers, 35 master’s tutors, and more than 420 scientific and technical personnel with doctoral and master’s degrees.

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